BioCure is currently seeking out-licensing opportunities for its versatile platform technologies.

Among BioCure's multiple platforms, GelSpray™ is by far its most versatile. GelSpray™ is a novel hydrogel based upon BioCure’s proprietary poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) technology. Developed primarily as a wound dressing, GelSpray™ is delivered as a liquid to the wound site, where the fast-cross linking reaction creates a highly cohesive and conformal dressing , closely approximating the wound bed. Where other commercially available dressings fail, GelSpray™effectively manages wound exudate, maintains high humidity, allows some gas exchange, provides thermal insulation, protects from secondary infection and is easily removed without re-injuring the wound site.

In addition to GelSpray™, BioCure is looking at the commercialization of itspolymeric vesicle technology,particularly in the areas of drug delivery and in-vitro diagnostics. BioCure is synthesizing their own block copolymers for the formation of vesicles and nanocontainers in the range of 80-800 nm. Molecules, such as membrane proteins, can be incorporated into the wall of the vesicles in order to allow diffusion of molecules. So called nanoreactors can be used for a prodrug therapy or as amplification schemes for in-vitro diagnostics.

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GelSpray: a platform product with a broad range of applications

BioCure has developed its PVA-based fast crosslinking hydrogel system into the versatile GelSpray™ platform product. The composition can be delivered from a dual syringe applicator that enables mixing of the spray streams and forms a hydrogel which is adherent to but easily peeled off. The hydrogel provides a moist, protective barrier and can easily serve as a delivery vehicle for active ingredients.

BioCure is currently seeking out-licensing opportunities for its GelSpray™ line in the following markets:

    • Hospital Wound Care
    • Military Medical Devices
    • Cosmetic Debridement
    • Over-The-Counter Applications
    • And much more!

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Other Research & Development Activities

BioCure is currently seeking new or additional R&D collaborations with commercially-focused partners, in the markets below:

    • Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery
    • Wound Care
      • Anti-microbial & Pain Management
      • Military Medical Device
      • Over-The-Counter Applications
      • Anti-burn products
      • Accelerated Healing
    • Diagnostics (Gel Electrophoresis)
    • Cosmetic Masks
    • Embolotherapy
    • Spine and Orthopedic

Please contact us to learn more about these research and development activities and related opportunities.

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